Who we are

Petit Món is a charity organization that was set up in order to improve the quality of life of the most needy groups in society, with the express aim of giving them a better future.

Legally speaking, Petit Món was founded in 2008 and its headquarters are in Barcelona (registered charity number 2465). Petit Món means Small World in Catalan.

Firsts steps

Our first project was the creation of a refuge for girls rescued from the streets of Nepal’s capital (Katmandu) and the world of child prostitution. We pioneered this project with the help of the Karmapa Society and its founder – Gustavo Pacheco. It was this man who first alerted us to the plight of these girls and to what we could do to help them.

With our desire to improve the situation, and Gustavo Pacheco help, the first project of Petit Món was born.These young girls are kidnapped and sometimes sold. They are then forced to work as prostitutes in the massage parlours of Katmandu and other cities in India.


During one of our visits to Katmandu, while the building of our refuge was being completed and the project approved by the government, we visited other refuges managed by the local NGO to get a better idea of how they were run.

One such refuge was in a very isolated place, and the local goverment suddently decided to close the NGO that ran it. This resulted in an unexpected change of direction for our project. Thirty something children that lived there had to transfer to our new building.

A project that was initially intended to help only young girls, ended up being one that helped children from a range of backgrounds. Our first project was called the Sano Sansar Children’s Home.

“Everyone is trying to accomplish something big, not realizing that life is made up of little things”  Frank. A. Clark