Primary education for refugee children in Kathmandu (in collaboration with the Srongtsen Bhrikuti Boarding High School)

Imágenes de la escuela

Srongtsen BBHS School

The Srongtsen Bhrikuti Boarding High School was originally founded in Kathmandu to teach child refugees from Tibet. Since then it has expanded and is now a boarding school for orphans, very poor children or those whose families are unfit to take care of them. Through scholarships, this school gives them the opportunity to follow a course of study in the best environment possible for their own personal development.

Los niños esperando los regalos de los padrinos

Children waiting for the godparents´s letters and presents

This is made possible thanks to both a concerted effort by the school, together with the help of private individuals and institutions worldwide who assist financially with the children’s studies, accommodation and upkeep.


Sponsored children

Petit Món´s involvement in the Project 

During one of our visits to Nepal, we went to see the school and were told that 42 children were in danger of having their education cut short. Due to the severity of the current economic crisis, the number of sponsors have dwindled. Petit Món took responsibility for their education. Later we had the support of friends who become godparents of these children. We reach the number of 56 children sponsored. At Petit Món today we have sponsors supporting 41 children.

With this help, we can:

Funding for all education-related costs for these children

Books, pens, pencils etc



Accommodation for those children who have been orphaned or who require it due to distance.


Some of the sponsored children

Our Commitment 

From Petit Món we will arrange for the delivery of the sponsors’ contributions to the school and we will send the basic information and photos of those children. We will also contact twice a year with information about how the students are progressing – such as progress reports and activities they have been doing – as well as photos and descriptions of events which have taken place at the school throughout the year.

We hope to make you feel like a part of the project and that you will love it as much as we do.

“One of the main objectives of education must be to widen the windows through which we see the world”

Arnold H. Glasow

Project data:

Starting: April 2009

Status: Active. Sponsoring 44 children.

Deadline: When all sponsored children have completed their course of study.

Coordinator: Núria Carbó (Petit Món)/Sonam Thinley (Srongtsen Bhrikuti School)