“Sponsor a bicycle” (ONG Burkina Faso També) -Ended Colaboration-

Saaba is a town near Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso. In the local school, 2,100 children walk every day several kilometers to attend it. Many of these children spend several hours on the way to the school, failing to help their parents in small chores or caring for younger siblings. In these cases, school attendance is really fragile. For this reason, about 25% of dropouts occur.

With their project “Sponsor a bicycle”, the NGO Burkina Faso També’s ongo intends to facilitate the movement of children to school so that there will be no drop-outs because of mobility. In this way, Burkina Faso També aims to contribute to the training of children and young people as an alternative to illegal migration.

ONG Burkina Faso També
Apadrina una bicicleta

Petit Món has collaborated with Burkina Faso També on this project: we have bought and sponsored bicycles for the children of Saaba.

“Sometimes we feel that what we do is just a drop in the sea, but the sea would be less if it were missing a drop”

Mother Teresa of Calcuta 


Project File:
Start:  2009.
State:  Colaboration finished.
Coordinator: Lluïsa Carbó (Petit Món) / Moumouni Banacounoo (Burkina Faso També)

Do you want to help a child sponsoring a bicycle?

You can do it directly through the website of the NGO Burkina Faso També