Social aid projects in Kalimponglogopcht

(Paramita Charitable Trust)


mapa-kalimpongKalimpong is a small village at 1250m. altitude which belongs to the district of Darjeeling in Eastern India. It is in this pleasant place where the weather is quite mild that Rinpoche Jamgon Kongtrul Tercer decided to establish under the entity Paramita Charitable Trust, a series of projects to help the poorest people of the region, most notably:


La Jamgon Kongtrul IIIrd Memorial Home- A home for the elderly and orphaned children where both generations live in peace and harmony as one big family. The home was founded in 1995 following the wishes of Kongtrul Jamgon Rinpoche III who saw, a few years before his death, the situation of older people abandoned in Lava, a small village near Kalimpong.

At the time, many elderly people made their living breaking stones for road construction causing them serious health problems and a lack of respect from the rest of the village. This prompted Jamgon Kongtrul III to create this home where elderly men and women can enjoy decent living conditions and thus cover their basic needs.


With some of the children at home

Later, in 1997 by chance, they began to host orphans as well, however, this proved to be so beneficial to both generations that they expanded the project to include orphans permanently.


Jamgon Kongtrul Eye Centre

La Jamgon Kongtrul Eye Centre- A clinic founded in 2004 to treat diseases that, left uncured, could lead to blindness.

It’s common in these areas of the Himalayas that people suffer from cataracts at a young age due to the high incidence of sunlight and a lack of eye protection. The lack of proper nutrition and hygiene further exacerbate the problem.

As with other social projects of the organization, the aim of Jamgon Kongtrul Eye Center is to provide free treatment to the poorest in the region, not only to help restore the visual senses but also to assist families that otherwise would be left devastated and marginalized.


Some of the students

La Jamgon Kongtrul IIIrd Memorial School- A school founded in 1997, with the aim of providing quality education to poor or orphaned children the Himalayan region.

Each of these projects is supervised and controlled by the Paramita Charitable Trustwith the help of many benefactors from around the world and the personal efforts of those who share the humanitarian ideals of Rinponche Jamgon Kongtrul III.


One of the classrooms Jamgon Kongtrul IIIrd Memorial School


Private Foundation Petit Món after direct knowledge of all plans for this entity and for its management team has decided to collaborate with them on these projects as well as a new residence for children who attend school but have no place to live or are too far away to attend to school daily.

Partnership Project file:

Start: February 2009

Status: Active. We are making donations to improve these projects.

Supervisory Visits:

Jul 09- Home improvements and at school, new classrooms and laboratoy.

Jan 10- We stay with the elderly and children of JKM home.

Jul 11- Construction of a new building for the expansion of the eye clinic.

Jul 14- Supervision new building finished and already working.

Coordinator: Lluïsa and Núria Carbó (Petit Mon)/Thinlay Ngodup (Paramita Charitable Trust)

Local NGO: Paramita Charitable Trust

Want to help in any projects of Kalimpong?

You can do this via the web page of the Paramita Charitable Trust.