Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos

NPH-Haití, St. Louis Home and help with the surgical operations performed in St. Damien Hospital

Founded in 1954 by father  W. Wasson  from Arizona,  NPH  (Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos) is a NGO whose aim is to provide orphaned, abandoned and extremely poor children from Latinamerica and Caribean countries with a home and a hopeful future. This NGO has been working in Haití, one of the poorest countries in the world, since 1988. Since then, NPH and its team have been distinguished by their great commitment with Haitians in all projects performed and those ongoing.

This is the reason why Fundació Petit Món decided to collaborate with NPH Haití by helping in two projects that NPH started after the big earthquake on 12th January 2010. The first project is the building and starting of the St. Louis Home and the second project is the financing of surgical operations in the St. Damien Hospital in Tabarre (near Port of Prince).

The St. Louis Home was created with the objective of preparing a safe and comfortable area for children identified as orphans from the 12 Day Camps in the Angels of Light programme (Camps raised with NPH support).

This new home has been built on a land, property of NPH, located in Tabarre. Humanitarian aid containers have been turned into bedrooms for the girls by adapting (doors and windows have been installed) and furnishing them.  While boys live in conditioned tents nearby.


A camp in AOL



Entrada al hospital de San Damien y vista de la sala de cirugía.


Home of St. Louis before (July 10) and now (October 10)


With the first children coming from the “Angels of Light” camps.

Boys and girls of all ages from 6 years live together in this new home. They have three meals per day, medical care and participate in playing activities, which help them to recover from the emotional and psychological trauma they have been suffering since the earthquake.


Eating in a tent of the house

Petit Mon contributed to adapting the land, laying foundations, building a protection wall and security towers, adapting the containers, providing the area with electricity and drinking water supply, toilets, bathrooms and external awning.  In short, all the basics to create a home where children can be safe and live happily and with dignity.

Pediatric Hospital St. Damien was founded in 2006 in Tabarre. Its main speciality is HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malnutrition and cancer related to children. Its facilities host 120 internal patients and 100 children are visited daily as external patients.

With the earthquake, the surgical area is the one with the greatest activity increase. Surgery has dramatically increased.

Surgical interventions performed in St. Damien Hospital that Petit Mon helped to finance were the ones related to serious cases that require quick assistance and that patients couldn´t afford. With this contribution, all related expenses will be covered for 6 operations per month (preparation for surgery, hospital maintenance, medicines, etc.).

You may only be one person in the world, but you may be all the world to one child”  Fr. William B. Wasson

Partnership Project file:

Start: July 2010

Status: Colaboration finished.

Coordinator:  Lluïsa y Núria Carbó (Petit Món)/Xavi Adsarà (NPH España)