Fund. Hospitalitat

The Hospitalitat Foundation, Project: Leisure and free time “Meeting Point”

The Foundation Hospitalitat de la Mare de Déu de Lourdes in Barcelona aims to help and support the sick and physically disabled people and people with mental disabilities towards social integration and toward spiritual maturity being based in Christian faith. The Foundation has established several projects all over the area of Barcelona (Bernadette Day Care Center, Montjuïc Residential- Home, welfare flats …).


Trip to Coma-ruga, October 2012

All their projects promote personal development and social integration of these people. Petit Món Foundation has been working for 2 years in their program “Meeting Point,” a program of recreational trips that enhance the skills and abilities of people with disabilities and promote personal growth of the participants of the project.


Trip to Vilanova de Sau, October 2013

This program is also a way to help families with a disabled children to take a break while promoting values of solidarity of young volunteers who participate in these trips.


 Replace one’s pride for love to others is to change an unbearable tyrant for a good friend Concepción Arenal

Partnership Project File:

Start:  June 2012.

Status: Active. 

Co-ordinator: Núria Carbó (Petit Món) / Susana Urios (“Hospitality Foundation).

Comments: This collaboration is the result of a close relationship with the Foundation Board for many years. We also collaborate and support any social initiative promoted from any of the two foundations (welfare flats, charity market, charity events…)

Do you want to help with this project?

You can do this, via the web page of the Hospitalitat Foundation.