logoEduLiftMedium6Edulift, a new social initiative of education in Nepal

Edulift is a non-profit after-school educational program that complements the education system in Nepal. EdulIft is dedicated towards transforming and empowering the lives of Nepalese youth through a holistic and experiential-based education. The aim is to provide students with practical life-skills such as entrepreneurship and technology that prepare them for life and give them more opportunities for a better future.



Children at school


Presentation at a trade fair

This centre opened in December 2013. Petit Món collaborated on the setting up of the centre where young people find a new way to study, to learn, to be creative and to improve their personal skills guided by a highly qualified teaching staff in constant training and improvement.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolet”   R.Buckminster Fuller

Partnership Project File:

Start: June 2013

Status: Collaboration completed.

Co-ordinator: Núria Carbó (Petit Món)  / Tenzin Gonsar (Edulift)

Comments: Six children from Sano Sansar have been able to attend classes at Edulift to improve their academic skills.