Sano Sansar Children’s Home



Sano Sansar family

Our very first project resulted in the creation of a home for more than 30 vulnerable children in Katmandu. Sano Sansar is the local NGO that manages it in close collaboration with Petit Món.

The project grew and developed as the result of the closure, by the Nepalese government, of a refuge quite far away from Katmandu, and the subsequent transfer of the children that lived there to our new building.



Rupak, director of the house, with Shila and Laxmi

With the support of the Nepalese government, and the necessary parental permission, these children came to live in the new home which had come to be known as “Sano Sansar” (Small world in nepali).

Together, Sano Sansar and Petit Món are responsible for nourishing, protecting and putting a roof over the heads of these young children. We also make sure that they feel loved and wanted.In addition to this, we ensure that they are sent to school and educated so that they have a good chance of securing a job (or going to university) and leading as normal and happy a life as possible.

All this is possible thanks to the collaboration of “Sano Sansar friends”, friends and relatives who are helping us with their donations and what we get from events we do regularly such as “The Petit Mon padel tournament”.


Love is to a child like the sun is to the flowers; bread is not enough; he needs to be cuddled to be healthy and strong

Concepción Arenal


Cooking time


Director of the centre:

Rupak Shrestha



Lamin Lama


“Mothers” care workers:

Painting mandalas

Lhakpa Sherpa, Mingma Dolma Sherpa,

Sita Tamang and Shirjana Lama.

Local NGO:

Sano Sansar.



Anita, Bijina i Sunita

Anita, Bijina and Sunita


Sano Sansar children


Sano Sansar staff

Project Data:
Starting:  July 2008.
Status:  In progress.
Deadline:  Not applicable.
Coordinator:  Petit Món.
Comments: Ayudas para cubrir los gastos de estancia, manutención, atención y escolarización.

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