Our goals

Three dreams guide the work of Petit Món

The first is to be able to reach out and help groups and individuals, but particulary young boys and girls, who have had difficult and challenging lives. The main aims are to help them build a better life for themselves and enable them to became respectful and respected members of society.

The second dream is to try and make the world a bigger and better place, with bigger and better values. At Petit Món we endevour to overcome any and all obstacles in our attempts to unite two very different worlds and give life to words such as help, cooperation, solidarity and compromise.

The third dream is that all our projects will be carried out with a great deal of care and enthusiasm, with no project being considered too big or too small. At Petit Món, we believe that the smiles on the faces of those we are trying to help are what matter the most.

Our reason for being

One of our core values is solidarity. As human beings, we have a natural ability to unite together and fight for a common cause.

This, combined with empathy and compassion, helps to make such a fight successful. However, this alone is not enough. Petit Món (and its various projects) came into existence to ensure that help gets to where we feel it is needed most.

“There is not a more accurate test of the progress of the civilization than the progress of the co-operation” John Stuart Mill



Petit Mon

Carrer de Josep Irla i Bosch 08034 Barcelona